Directions in Symmetric Cryptography
23-24 March 2016
Bochum, Germany

Directions in Symmetric Cryptography 2016

Workshop for early-career symmetric cryptographers

Welcome [top]

Directions in Symmetric Cryptography (DISC) is a one-and-a-half day workshop co-organized with COST action IC1306--CryptoAction and intended for PhD students and Postdocs at the beginning of their academic careers. The explicit goal of this workshop is to foster collaboration and networking among these researchers.

As the best mean to find potential partners for collaboration with shared interests and similar or complementary working styles, the participants will be working in groups on some topics of their choice. The scope for this workshop will be symmetric cryptography, in particular design and cryptanalysis of block ciphers, hash functions, and authenticated encryption schemes.

Example topics:

The participants are expected to come prepared for their respective discussion topic and actively participate in the discussion.

This event is supported by the Ruhr University Research School PLUS, funded by Germany’s Excellence Initiative [DFG GSC 98/3].

Program [top]

On Wednesday, we meet at 15:00 at the reception of building ID which is on floor 04.

Wednesday, March, 23rd Thursday, March, 24rd

Venue [top]

The workshop will take place at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) in building ID. You can find a map on of the campus here. If you arrive by U-bahn, you can also get out at Lennershof which is one stop after the station Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Our meeting room will be room ID 04/459.

Registration [top]

The meeting is free but requires registration before February 19. To register, please send an email to with subject "Registration DISC 2016". This email should include your name, affiliation and country.

Support [top]

The COST CryptoAction program can refund travel expenses for a limited number of participants. These stipends include the reimbursement of the flight up to 500 Euros, and a flat rate of 100 Euros/night for hotel rooms (up to two nights, i.e. 23/03 and 24/03). It is possible to attend both FSE and DISC and to have your travel reimbursed through COST. If you want to apply for reimbursement please mention this when you register.

This event is co-located with: Fast Software Encryption (FSE) 2016

Contact [top]

This workshop is organized by
Stefan Kölbl, Tyge Tiessen (Technical University Denmark)
Christof Beierle, Thorsten Kranz (Ruhr University Bochum)
Anne Canteaut (Project-team SECRET at INRIA, Paris)

For questions regarding the workshop:

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